this page is old i guess, lora is new but outdated already.   pharos technology from tp-link enables the CPE 210 and 510 to perform 5 and 15+ km ranges.  beyond that the nano station also has longest range 20+ km aswell as other ubiquity hardware that can do 50km range with 150 mb/s upload/download speeds.


OpenWRT has some new hardware when it comes to long range wifi.

https://www.matchx.io/product/matchx-gateway/ – expensive but i cannot find many reviews on this hardware yet.


Real WiFi Trap DIY💥 / Free Internet Rifle V 2.0 – YouTube


ESP32 WiFi Range Testing – 10km using Directional Antenna – YouTube





heltec lora wifi transceivers  has tcp and ssh support

usbip support is probably trivial to add aswell