Games & Development


Mate GameDEV OS – 3.6gb download  smaller tinycorelinux version comming soon. just load image into virtualbox and you can see my compiled game engine working.


Irrlicht Engine – Rendering Engine

Blender 3D – 3D modeling

Bullet SDK – Physics engine huge thanks to Erwin for this without it alot of modern games would not exist.  He is a one man coding army!

ODE Physics -one of the pioneers of the opensource physics movement.

Irrlicht demo’s repository really shows the complexity of the engine.  << an fps i was involved with. have not had time to continue development still jumping between projects for now.


other opensource projects – comming soon

Century Engine –

Lavivrus – my first opengl engine heh archive sake.

heres a screenshot of recast, bullet vehicle, particle engine and video working inside Luna Engine.



Neat Innovations

VR Treadmill