Recently bought a pinephone on preorder , there was a mixup with initial shipping and an extra 30 dollar charge from DHL. it arrived at canadapost to my P.O box, after unboxing the boxed version needed updates still so i opened the terminal app and connected a USBC type hub with HDMI and USB port for network adapter and wireless mini keyboard. ran “sudo pacman -Syyu and waited all night for it to finish maybe servers were just slow from demand but 50 – 70 kb/s was all I had gotten.



I had an old sim card around i tried using first but nothing showed up under settings / simcard so i used the one from working phone and was able to make calls and send messages. MMS still have some work to be done according to developers.

the only drawbacks sofar are battery life and the camera but I’m sure that will get better with time. ( also there are other distro’s to try that use less power than kde aswell.

its possible to send mms messages from shell script link soon


after updating the phone feel is well polished , battery management seems fine and the app/game widget selection in the app called Discover are great(pacman selections)



after trying the multiboot image , ive found ubuntu touch to be the most energy efficient, in 12 hours it only dropped the battery 20% so its comparable to android somewhat.


ubuntu touch is working with sound and microphone and camera now. case was from dollar store fit good only had to trim around camera and on button