• fans blowing inside during the winter to warm the surfiaces in a mostly sealed house can be a really great option. do each room with a fan and then the house can maintain a positive pressure easier.
  • always do windows during the winter even if your expecting alot of sunlight to heat or have double pain windows even.

slippers work great too.

friction generator using wind or human powered , can be made using smooth metal pads and wood.


rocket stoves can also make more efficient use of burning materials and can hold the heat along time.



  • 3 dollar foam sheets can be placed on cold floors and walls for comfort(warmth and nice to walk on). dollar store
  • non stinky garbage bags to place over windows for extra insulation or dollar store window kits 40 x 60 inch
  • hot water tanks on rv’s need to be drained.
  • restricted skurting ventelation on mobile homes fairly air tight to increase thermal efficency.
  • thermal storage systems for slow release.
  • sealed air is best insulator. or vacuume

ebay has pressure washer hose 1/4″crawler tips for $5 and gregs distributor has quick coupler and 1/4″ 50′ of hose for $170 CDN make sure its good for 3000PSI for unthawing swptic systems. fits onto the end of any pressure washer gun with quick connect.


foam matting like this can do a whole basement stylish and very durable.


could be done with a camper or rv aswell.


would recommend sitting in your underwear to find the source of cold in your house and ways to improve circulation to warm the inner surfaces to maintain a positive pressure longer. also secondary doors and buildings beside other buildings can also provide extra warmth. nextgen technology for tripple paned windows with middle aerogel layer