friction generator using wind or human powered , can be made using smooth metal pads and wood.


rocket stoves can also make more efficient use of burning materials.



  • 3 dollar foam sheets can be placed on cold floors and walls for comfort(warmth and nice to walk on). dollar store
  • non stinky garbage bags to place over windows for extra insulation or dollar store window kits 40 x 60 inch
  • hot water tanks on rv’s need to be drained.
  • restricted skurting ventelation on mobile homes fairly air tight to increase thermal efficency.
  • thermal storage systems for slow release.
  • sealed air is best insulator. or vacuume

ebay has pressure washer hose 1/4″crawler tips for $5 and gregs distributor has quick coupler and 1/4″ 50′ of hose for $170 CDN make sure its good for 3000PSI for unthawing swptic systems. fits onto the end of any pressure washer gun with quick connect.


foam matting like this can do a whole basement stylish and very durable.


could be done with a camper or rv aswell.