netpipe July 16, 2021

1985 CR 500 , I have one of these with a few mods(newer rear suspension shock and desert tank, the engine is now put into a new frame 2001 i think for upgraded suspension and hydraulic brakes. I like the solidness of the original it felt like a tank and can do any hill easily.


if someone wanted to keep making parts for these the utility patent is expired on them likely so remakes should be upon us thanks to new 3D metal printers and CNC machines.


lots of hurt hands and back story’s with these but they can also be street legal and very enjoyable to ride when not blasting through trails and trees.


some ideas for parts to make

ebay need chain gaurds for the engine and rubber for the wheel arms, reeds ,  engine gasket kits to be less cost


I tried to jump a tree on a trail first time out on the new bike out of need and it ended up wrecking/twisting part of my cocox (butt) i havnt biked in 7 years now… but i still like to know there will be lots of these around one day for hill climbers.




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