netpipe October 25, 2019

INHABITAT – Calm Booth is a soundproof office retreat made out of recycled plastic bottles

Next Big Future – US Army Working With UFO Group on Controversial and Speculative Technology

Green Car Congress – Application period for Volkswagen Mitigation Zero Emission Transit, School, and Bus funding open; $130M

Green Car Congress – California Governor signs bill exempting zero-emissions transit buses from state sales tax until 2024

INHABITAT – Biomaterials Archive debuts at Dutch Design Week 2019

INHABITAT – Designer invents self-testing HIV kit made out of recycled plastic

INHABITAT – Pizza Hut is testing plant-based Incogmeato sausage pizzas served in round boxes

Next Big Future – Tesla Has Started Shanghai Trial Production and Model Y Will Start Summer of 2020

Green Car Congress – New catalytic method upcycles single-use plastic into high-quality liquid products

INHABITAT – Rael San Fratello prints amazing 3D mud structures as prototypes for affordable housing of the future

Environmental Leader – DOE Awarding $28 Million for the Advancement of Wind Energy

Nano Patents and Innovations – Real Texture for Lab-Grown Meat

Engadget – A star died violently and left behind this ‘fluffy’ ball

Slashdot – Venezuela’s Water System is Collapsing

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Bioprinting: Living cells in a 3D printer

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Researchers watch quantum knots untie

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – ‘Artificial leaf’ successfully produces clean gas

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Bacteria must be ‘stressed out’ to divide

Ars Technica – Facebook promises to beef up “election integrity” efforts heading into 2020 – The MP8 is a Windows 10 PC that fits in the Palm of Your Hand – Breakthrough Gene-Editing Tool is Better Than CRISPR

Nano Patents and Innovations – Replacing Coal with Gas or Renewables Saves Billions of Gallons of Water

The Register – Just say the ‘magic password’: Boffins turn up potential backdoor in SQL Server 2012, 2014

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Consuming alcohol leads to epigenetic changes in brain memory centers – latest science and technology news stories – How to spot a wormhole (if they exist) – Scientists Train Rats to Drive Tiny Cars, And It’s Adorable – AI Better Than Doctors at Detecting Brain Hemorrhages

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – By cutting out one gene, researchers remove a tadpole’s ability to regenerate

The Register – AMD sees Ryzen PCs sold with its CPUs in Europe as Intel shortages persist

The Register – Repairability fiends crack open a Surface Laptop 3: Nice SSD, but shame about the battery

Engadget – HTC recreated the ‘Mona Lisa’ in 3D for the Louvre’s da Vinci exhibition – latest science and technology news stories – 300-year thinning may have predisposed Antarctic ice shelves to collapse – latest science and technology news stories – Researchers make neural networks successfully detect DNA damage caused by UV radiation – latest science and technology news stories – Evacuations as wildfire roars through California wine country

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Blood transfer from active mice gives lazy ones benefits of exercise

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Young moms more likely to have kids with ADHD – latest science and technology news stories – Extracting hidden quantum information from a light source

Engadget – Volkswagen unveils next-gen Golf and its hybrid variants

Nano Patents and Innovations – Artificial Intelligence System Gives Fashion Advice

Ars Technica – We’ve officially annihilated a second strain of polio. Only one remains

Engadget – 40 music festivals pledge not to use facial recognition – latest science and technology news stories – Deformed wing virus genetic diversity in US honey bees complicates search for remedies

Engadget – Google researchers taught an AI to recognize smells

Slashdot – The Universe Is Made of Tiny Bubbles Containing Mini-Universes, Scientists Say

Slashdot – US Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due To Climate Change, Report Commissioned By Pentagon Says

Slashdot – Facebook Is Launching a News Section — and Will Pay Some Publishers Millions

Big Think – Scientists extend mice lifespan 12% by tweaking telomeres

Hack a Day – LED Skirt Is Stealth By Day, Party By Night

Hack a Day – How Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Works

Hack a Day – Light Emitting Logic Gates Built From Scratch

Hacker News – How SSH Port Became 22

Hacker News – GNOME files defense against patent troll

Hacker News – Unix Turns 50 Today

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