netpipe October 21, 2019 – latest science and technology news stories – World’s fastest ant hits recording breaking speed of 855mm/s

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Desert ant runs so fast it covers 100 times its body length per second – Paris Zoo Unveils Bizarre ‘Blob’ Organism That Has 720 Sexes

Engadget – MIT scientists develop a way to recover details from blurry images

Home – Tunnelling transistor offers logic and power on the same easy-to-make IC

Engadget – Japan will help NASA build a space station near the Moon

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – All plastic waste could become new, high-quality plastic through advanced steam cracking – latest science and technology news stories – New stable form of plutonium discovered

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Flexible, wearable supercapacitors based on porous nanocarbon nanocomposites

Slashdot – Unpatched Linux Bug May Open Devices To Serious Attacks Over Wi-Fi

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Researchers quantify Cas9-caused off-target mutagenesis in mice

Slashdot – Huawei Says US Firms Have Expressed Interest In Licensing Its 5G Technology

Slashdot – Nissan’s Next Electric Car Could Also Provide Power To Your Home

Hacker News – New pathfinding algorithm

Hacker News – Public-Health Puzzle: Young People Having Less Sex, Contracting More STDs

Big Think – 95% of U.S. baby foods contain toxic metals. Here’s what parents should know.

CBC | Canada News – Banks deny compensation when hackers steal customers’ money

Engadget – Next-gen hearing implants could overcome inner ear damage

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