netpipe January 4, 2022

I have tried to get “Rich” for 36 years with only opportunity on the internet with a invisible hand stealing from me/you the whole way.  im letting everyone know if my ideas dont start making money im going to do it the other way and try to make money from being an asshole.

netpipe January 2, 2022

the newest matrix has been released and for some reason HBO max has excluded Canada and forced everyone to get  vaccinated before going to the theater to see it instead…. odd hopefully more options open up soon for release on amazon, dishnetwork / expressvu and even youtube for rent.

netpipe January 1, 2022

i did not notice what he put on the pi itself for software or if he even finished the project. another quick easy suggestion would be to start a webserver or use a ftp server to send commands to a file. also i dont see his thermometer attached anywhere, so it probably needs some i2c […]

netpipe January 1, 2022

the reason free food and power has not been done before could actually be that you have to get free food before free power which would cripple the outcome if it wasnt expected or anything went wrong. a whole city could actually do this feat together, getting easier by the year with led grow lights.

netpipe December 30, 2021

if you need one of these let me know at . I will be making these smaller and lighter also with shoes option hopefully in the new year. Happy New Years! working for up and down + left right and tap for drums auction almost over for an assembled one

netpipe December 27, 2021   although its a dwarf tomato plant it looked like with more tweaking it could easily yeild more possibly with hydroponics.