netpipe November 10, 2021

Next Big Future – Elon Musk Selling 10% of Tesla to Pay Taxes

Next Big Future – FCC filing for 4500 More Amazon Satellites

Green Car Congress – Researchers demonstrate AZ31 magnesium alloy foils as thin anodes for rechargeable magnesium batteries

Green Car Congress – Embark to use NVIDIA DRIVE for Embark Universal Interface for the autonomous trucks

Green Car Congress – Audi unveils autonomous electric skysphere concept; variable wheelbase for different driving modes

Green Car Congress – Study finds total greenhouse gas footprint of blue hydrogen “quite high” due to fugitive methane

Green Car Congress – ExOne collaborates with Maxxwell Motors on development of 3D-printed copper windings for axial flux electric motors

Green Car Congress – Use of leaded gasoline officially ends worldwide

Green Car Congress – Hexagon Purus and Ballard partnering on Class 6 & 7 fuel cell trucks

Green Car Congress – Hino Trucks reveals first XL8 fuel cell electric truck prototype

Green Car Congress – Johnson Matthey partners with OnTo on direct recycling of Li-ion battery scrap

Green Car Congress – PNNL team develops new low-cost method to convert captured CO2 to methane

Green Car Congress – BYD unveils two electric trucks

Green Car Congress – Fraunhofer develops new dry-coating process for battery electrodes

Green Car Congress – Electro-hydraulic system wins Volvo Technology Award

Green Car Congress – New protocol for creating single atom iridium catalysts boosts water-splitting performance

Green Car Congress – Gevo plans to install alcohol-to-hydrocarbon process pilot unit at Luverne Facility; SAF, renewable premium gasoline

Green Car Congress – Toyota will invest $14.3B in development of a battery supply system and research and development by 2030

Green Car Congress – Wright testing 2 MW aviation-grade motor for transport-category zero-emissions aircraft

Green Car Congress – KAMAZ presents its first hydrogen bus

Green Car Congress – Chevron, Gevo to pursue sustainable aviation fuel investment; inedible corn feedstock

Green Car Congress – Novel inexpensive cobalt-nickel electrode for efficient water and urea electrolysis; yolk-shell nanoparticles

Green Car Congress – Researchers use chemical looping process to produce hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide gas

Green Car Congress – Irizar manufactures LNG long-distance coach with range of more than 1000km

Green Car Congress – Toyota introduces 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup with new i-FORCE MAX hybrid option

Green Car Congress – Lyten introduces next generation Lithium-Sulfur battery for EVs; 3X energy density of Li-ion

Green Car Congress – Hitachi and Hitachi Astemo develop new compact, lightweight direct-drive system for in-wheel applications

Green Car Congress – U-Haul buys another million gallons of renewable propane to sell at California stores

Green Car Congress – Hyundai North America joins Shell Hydrogen’s Project Neptune to grow hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California

Green Car Congress – Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group signs agreements to industrialize 70 MPa high-flow refueling; H70HF

Green Car Congress – Solid-state sodium battery company LiNa Energy closes £3.5M funding round

Green Car Congress – HYVIA unveils Renault Master Van H2-TECH prototype

Green Car Congress – Twelve produces first batch of E-Jet fuel from CO2 electrolysis; partnership with USAF; electrifying fuel, not planes

Green Car Congress – Purdue’s whitest white paint now a Guinness World Record; sub-ambient radiative cooling

Green Car Congress – Rolls-Royce reports successful 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel test flight

Green Car Congress – New PEM fuel cell catalyst can oxidize CO, H2 or a combination; addressing the poisoning problem

Green Car Congress – Ford Maverick EPA-estimated 42 mpg city, 37 mpg combined

Green Car Congress – ORNL researchers 3D print pistons from aluminum alloy for testing in full-size engine

Green Car Congress – Canadian Pacific expands hydrogen locomotive program; additional locomotives, fueling stations; $15M from ERA

Green Car Congress – First China-developed hydrogen fuel cell locomotive starts trial runs

Green Car Congress – SES unveils 107 Ah hybrid Li-metal battery, announces new Shanghai gigafactory

Green Car Congress – Lawrence Livermore team finds disorder in surface materials key to better hydrogen storage

Hacker News – The Invisible JavaScript Backdoor

Hacker News – PyGaze – open-source eye-tracking software and more

Hacker News – Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man’s Thoughts into Text with 94% Accuracy

The Hacker News – Hardcoded SSH Key in Cisco Policy Suite Lets Remote Hackers Gain Root Access

The Hacker News – 14 New Security Flaws Found in BusyBox Linux Utility for Embedded Devices

Hack a Day – Linux Fu: Automatic Header File Generation

Hack a Day – Own the Night with This Ludicrously Bright DIY Flashlight

Hack a Day – This $0 Filament Drybox Needs Nearly No Parts

Hack a Day – Streamline Your SMD Assembly Process With 3D-Printed Jigs

Hack a Day – Most FDM Printers are also Filament Dryers (with a Little Help)

Hack a Day – 3D Printed Absolute Encoder is Absolutely Wonderful

Hack a Day – NFC Performance: It’s All In The Antenna

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