netpipe October 7, 2021

Not sure why but since covid finding good porn movie and picture gallery’s has became harder, I dont think anyone should have a job shutting down porn sites and i hope they burn in hell. The whole reason the internet was famous and efficient is thanks to teen porn.

Its amazing nerds worked this hard just to have some jerkoff think his job is to shut down porn sites. or why cops feel they have to do it if it gets reported.

If people feel ashamed of changing diapers and breast feeding in public its because someone was ashamed they let their dog lick their vag once or twice or chaturbate sales were doing too bad so they’ve been abducting the hot ones somewhere possibly russia ? and promoting the ugly’s. Internet is supposed to be a place you can feel less weird than everyone else.

if the internet had a brain it should have lots of teen porn in webm format so its compatable across all browsers and easily accessible.


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