netpipe July 27, 2021

I noticed some odd things about myself recently, that if you say my name it sounds like Slayton and I have 6 letters in my first and last name with my date of birth being May 6th and a strange health care ID of 1234567890. I can hear knowledge about people weather they are good or bad and can also summon extra dimensional knowings at will basically.

What I know about devils and evil that they are not actually bad but are so bad they are good and so good they are bad and english has alot of hidden meanings and backwards communication built into it.

at second look name seems to have 7 letters so its 747, when I crashed my dirtbike a jet full of aids researchers died and something about warren buffet or (bernie sanders?) I think buying/selling some kinda microchip and investing in clean energy.


July 17, 2014 was when i possibly died in another dimension or created multiple copies of myself magically somehow or ended up in either hell or someone elses game before making an genetic AI and creating more. ??

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