netpipe July 27, 2021

Engadget – Zero’s FXE offers electric motorcycle fun in a slightly new package

Engadget – ‘Company of Heroes 3’ will take the classic RTS series to the Mediterranean in 2022

Engadget – The Morning After: Testing out a real-life jet suit

Engadget – Facebook and AT&T team up for augmented reality experiences

Engadget – PayPal ups its weekly cryptocurrency buy limit to $100,000

Engadget – Facebook’s BlenderBot chat AI no longer has the mental capacity of a goldfish

Engadget – Virginia will use a $700 million grant to roll out statewide broadband

Engadget – TurboTax creator Intuit leaves the IRS’ free tax filing program

Engadget – Microsoft offers discounts on hundreds of Xbox and PC games

Engadget – A magnetic helmet shrunk a deadly tumor in world-first test

Engadget – Intel’s revised roadmap looks beyond 1 nanometer chips

Engadget – Amazon open-sources its in-house game engine

Engadget – Netflix will reportedly offer video games within the next year

Engadget – IK Multimedia debuts guitar effects pedals based on its AmpliTube software

Engadget – Japan breaks internet speed record with a 319Tbps data transfer

Engadget – Tesla lowers the price of its ‘Full Self-Driving’ computer upgrade

Engadget – Best Buy’s ‘Black Friday in July’ sale knocks hundreds off OLED TVs from Sony, LG

Ars Technica – MS Flight Simulator on consoles: Finally, a next-gen game for Xbox Series X/S

Ars Technica – Dell’s $199 UltraSharp 4K webcam has AI on board—but no microphone

Ars Technica – Starlink’s “next-generation” user terminal will cost a lot less, Musk says

Ars Technica – Despite $2.1M ruling, RomUniverse owner considers bringing back ROM site

Ars Technica – Biden’s right-to-repair order could stop companies from blocking DIY fixes

Ars Technica – Dozens of Chinese phone games now require facial scans to play at night

Ars Technica – Pacific Northwest heatwave “virtually impossible” without climate change

Ars Technica – The Windows 11 insider build is surprisingly unpolished and unfinished

Ars Technica – Auto-aim cheatmaker halts development at Activision’s request

Ars Technica – Microsoft fails to provide Windows 10 VM images for developers

Ars Technica – Google tries out error correction on its quantum processor

Ars Technica – Amazon bought Facebook’s satellite team to help build Starlink competitor

Ars Technica – James Bond’s new car is a plug-in hybrid—the Aston Martin Valhalla

Ars Technica – Facebook advertisers are panicking after iOS cuts off key tracking data

Ars Technica – LG’s rollable TV costs 50 times as much as a normal OLED

Ars Technica – For years, a backdoor in popular KiwiSDR product gave root to project developer

Ars Technica – Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is available in stores now for $99

Ars Technica – Is any country installing renewables fast enough to reach climate goals?

Ars Technica – PlasticArm is a 32-bit bendable processor

Ars Technica – Google Maps massively expands its mass transit crowd-reporting service

Ars Technica – Archaeologists find ancient Egyptian warship sunk near Alexandria

Ars Technica – Researchers demonstrate that malware can be hidden inside AI models

Ars Technica – Dread Pirate Roberts escaped development hell: Making Silk Road work as a film

Green Car Congress – EV battery manufacturing expert network launched:

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