netpipe June 4, 2021
  • I have been noticing alot of great hardware on ebay surfacing. Alot of it compatible with openwrt I think it supports airmax but not tp-links CPE510 MAXtream
  • you need 2 mimo from the looks of it , I’m not sure if base stations are the same as the access points from the ebay articles and their website only seems to sell the base stations.
  • the rocket m5 seems like nice units I get itchy around my 5ghz stuff. nanostream and litebeam also look like very nice options.
  • Ubiquiti PS2-17D seems to be able to get the range using only 802.11b i wonder if it uses airmax aswell.
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 5GHz MIMO Wireless Bridge/Base Station | ROCKETM5 this one seems to have usb support, hopefully can find these on ebay too.
  • with wifi 6 standard we are going to see price drops on hardware soon i figure.




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