netpipe April 5, 2021

some people have it pretty cushy with this formula – sometimes it feels like im surrounded by lazy retards but dont know why.

child support from the government

then extra child support seems to come from the random fathers they get to knock them up with per kid can be 500 to 1000 dollars per kid.


then aish is 1700 per month for people with disabilitys

wellfare is 800 per month social assistance is 900 dollars

covid benifits are 900 bimonthly

mentle health angish is becoming a thing for race discrimination too now


240 billion dollars has been spent on covid sofar in canada. johns 10 year plan will never be realized anymore and were hooped from conservative and liberal fruitless spending. i hope one day everyone will have to pay it all back in heaven or hell. because i only see enslavement for our future if national debt is unsolvable. alberta should seperate from canada just so we have enough money to spemd on defense currently there is no defense against drones or missles. if they use starwars(space lasers) on us then were all helpless.


rather than educating more and figuring out new jobs they just pay everyone money if your smart enough to use a computer if you were originally born in canada.


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