netpipe October 5, 2019

I found out the reason for being here repeating history. its to accept terminators / technology as our protectors that my grampa bill might have used in these games while looking for cancer cure for 20 years. we are a mirror image of another universe and when I was dropped on my head as a baby my mom went or was sent to hell on may 6th to fix my brain and possibly a dissipating black hole, i found out today on Oct 5 around 9am, when she did that her body went inverted and her foot and the quantum signature was snapped off when she fell from heaven. need to ring the devils horns to start the devil battle game.I watched it in my dreams and visions to keep finding myself repeating history watching small hellish white dots inside my head its probably ment for the eyeball to see movies. also the headset was inside the beans game above justins terminator game I’de won for him and myself when younger.


For a while itd been that i was only showing up for last 2 games because some had figured out how it works already. the last 4 times i’ve played the borgs we did very well for basic starting equiptment, hopefully we dont need to set our own gravity bombs to fix our loop maybe the terminators can do that for us with their matrix simulator.
It might have been a gravity well they were living on in the matrix or some kinda power generator using black holes we have close by that needs food to ring a hell that rings the horns. might have been randy’s job to fix up the blackhole generator , and ide forgot to mom out of the blackhole after she get lowered in to fix their heads from a mirror universe.
34 other devils to find and im #1 the game is set to run longer this time and there is lots of research and building to do to get ready for the gwell bombs. if they are required, borg cubes can cleanup and feed/stimulate blackholes easily but brains and body’s have a weakspot that they can melt if overran.
there should be a single terminator unit on each level after the initial 3 ready to power on, the first one is mine somewhere. and then i continue work making more technology for directing space operations.


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