tecan January 10, 2019

Geek.com – This $1,800 Smart Cat Treadmill Will Give Your Overweight Pet a Workout

Engadget – AMD’s 3rd-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs are coming in mid-2019

Engadget – FenSens gives your clunker the same backup sensing as modern cars

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Newly discovered leukodystrophy in children: Potential cure

CBC | Canada News – 3.8 magnitude earthquake hits area in southern New Brunswick

Nano Patents and Innovations – Unexpected Intermediate Mass Exoplanets Revealed by Nature’s Magnifying Glass

Nano Patents and Innovations – Microbes in Space Evolving, Have Different Genes from Earthly Counterparts

Slashdot – Malware Found Preinstalled On Some Alcatel Smartphones

Slashdot – The Impossible Burger 2.0 Is a Plant-Based Beef Replacement That Uses Soy Instead Wheat Protein To Take On New Forms

Slashdot – Google Home Gets Real-Time Interpretations For 27 languages

Slashdot – Cancer in America Is Way Down, For the Wealthy Anyway

Slashdot – American Cheese Surplus Reaches Record High

Ars Technica – Windows 10 will chew up another 7GB of disk space to make sure it can update

The Hacker News – Google Removes 85 Adware Apps That Infect 9 Million Android Users

The Hacker News – Microsoft Patch Tuesday — January 2019 Security Updates Released

The Hacker News – New Systemd Privilege Escalation Flaws Affect Most Linux Distributions

Big Think – Top 5 messages sent to alien civilizations

Big Think – How to be a good parent to artificial intelligence

Big Think – Want to know what mice in labs are saying? Try DeepSqueak.

Hack a Day – Adventures in Automating a Candle Factory

Hacker News – Virtual Reality Version of Second Life with Open Source Code

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – The science is clear: with HIV, undetectable equals untransmittable

AcidCow.com – videos, pictures, celebs, flash games – Celebrities And Their Animal Doppelgängers (20 pics)

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