tecan January 8, 2019

Engadget – IBM is turning to your smartphone to improve weather forecasts

Ars Technica – Stem cells used to trace autism back to the formation of neurons

Hacker News – A Python cross-version decompiler

Big Think – ​How AI is learning to convert brain signals into speech

Hack a Day – Underclocking the ESP8266 Leads To WiFi Weirdness

Hack a Day – Gesture Sensing With A Temperature Sensor

Hack a Day – Google Assistant, Now Available On Ham Radio

Hack a Day – A Quartet of Drills Put The Spurs To This Electric Utility Vehicle

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Revealing hidden spin: Unlocking new paths toward high-temperature superconductors

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – New mechanism to ‘activate’ the immune system against cancer

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Scientists confirm that chromosomes are formed by stacked layers

Nano Patents and Innovations – Stopping Cancer from Recruiting Immune System Agents to Help It Grow

Engadget – LG Display unveils an 88-inch 8K OLED screen with built-in sound

Slashdot – NSA To Release a Free Reverse Engineering Tool

Engadget – BreadBot delivers freshly baked bread every six minutes

Engadget – You can have a portable, solar-powered oven for $400

Engadget – An infrared hairdryer could make hairdrying less hot

Engadget – Razer adds NVIDIA RTX graphics to its Blade laptop

INHABITAT – 7 eco-friendly insulation alternatives for a green home

INHABITAT – New York City bans polystyrene foam starting January 1

The Green Optimistic – Explosion-Free Lithium Ion Battery Developed by Amionx

Slashdot – The Billion-Dollar Bet on the Future of Magnetic Storage

Hack a Day – Making an Ultrasonic Cutter for Post-processing Tiny 3D Prints

Hack a Day – Towards Low Cost Biomedical Imaging

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Quantum scientists demonstrate world-first 3D atomic-scale quantum chip architecture

Hacker News – Huawei Unveils High-Performance ARM-Based CPU

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – ‘Flipped’ metal oxide cage can sort CO2 from CO

Nano Patents and Innovations – New Catalyst Could Be Key to Producing Greener Hydrogen from Water Using Electricity.

INHABITAT – 9 sustainable living tips to take from our grandparents

Slashdot – NVIDIA Launches $349 GeForce RTX 2060, Will Support Other Adaptive Sync Monitors

Hack a Day – All About Ham Satellites

Slashdot – LG Introduces Rollable OLED TV

Hacker News – How to architect a Qt/C++ Application

Ars Technica – Unlimited private repositories now available to free GitHub users

Engadget – Sony’s ‘super-large’ 8K TVs are coming home this year

Engadget – Intel’s Lakefield stacks desktop and Atom cores on a ‘3D’ chip

Engadget – PS4 sales are closing in on 100 million

Engadget – OptiShokz built bone conduction audio sunglasses

Engadget – A Roland keyboard has Alexa built-in for voice control while you play

Ars Technica – Almost $500,000 in Ethereum Classic coin stolen by forking its blockchain

Engadget – LiFiMax’s invisible light internet works with up to 16 users

Nano Patents and Innovations – New Material Could ‘Drive Wound Healing’ Using the Body’s Inbuilt Healing System

Engadget – NVIDIA’s Drive AutoPilot gives vehicles driver assistance features

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