Year: 2020

netpipe December 24, 2020

royalty free christmas card , just print fold and cut the extra white off the side and bottom. designed and rendered by me with the help of cc0 models from   StreetXmasPineTree.blend source blend file for christmas scene

netpipe December 20, 2020

Green Car Congress – Canada releases national Small Modular Reactor action plan The Register – DeepMind’s latest protein-solving AI AlphaFold pretty much cracks biology’s 50-year conundrum The Register – New study: DNS spoofing doubles in six years … albeit from the point of naff all The Register – QEMU brings back its one-OS-a-day virtual advent […]

netpipe December 10, 2020

20 kw worth of wind and probably 10 kw worth of solar. could leave them at houses for power supply’s or power truck on the go. the trick with savanious turbines is to keep the rpm fast so the swept area is increased for only gusts of wind so the load needs to be varied […]

netpipe November 22, 2020

Hacker News – Linux on iPad Hacker News – 1 in 4 Americans are jobless or earning poverty-level wages, new study finds Green Car Congress – Researchers develop thin-layer artificial biofilm technology for green ethylene production INHABITAT – Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping Green Car Congress – Workhorse Group submits formal application to […]

netpipe November 9, 2020

really amazing deal on subs , you can pick any 3 footlongs for 25 dollars, steak sub is highest callorie sub at 680   , cookies 200 each , large pop 200, coldcut 400-600 callories , basically eat as much as you want while maintining a healthy callorie intake. easy as pie I lost 10 lb […]

netpipe October 15, 2020

decided to post some updates about a neat winter hut if you are looking for one. inspired by wigwams   new concept using straw bales, 40’x14’x7′ uses 160 bales for the walls and 21 1’x14′ logs cut in half for the floor with dirt/rocks under and ontop of them 1/2 foot each could probably design […]