netpipe October 15, 2020

decided to post some updates about a neat winter hut if you are looking for one. inspired by wigwams

  new concept using straw bales, 40’x14’x7′ uses 160 bales for the walls and 21 1’x14′ logs cut in half for the floor with dirt/rocks under and ontop of them 1/2 foot each could probably design whole house for under 400 dollars with a rocket stove and underfloor heating. and with poly plastic being 20+ feet wide and easy to hotwire together to form larger sheets it should be a breeze.  if you build it near a valley you could probably fling poop using a nema 34 stepper motor and a peice of 4″ pipe capped halfway down.


have posted this in the housing page so stay tuned for updates

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