netpipe July 18, 2019 – Watch: Beachgoers Rescue Dozens of Stranded Pilot Whales in Georgia – Man Finds Tick That Looked Like a ‘Speck of Wood’ Embedded in His Eye – Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile Is Now an Airbnb Rental for Hot Dog Lovers

Engadget – Samsung launches high-capacity smartphone RAM built for 5G and AI

Hacker News – Adventures Building a Self Driving RC Car

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – AI radar system that can spot miniature drones 3 kilometers away

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – New species of tree discovered in Tanzania mountains

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Electronic chip mimics the brain to make memories in a flash

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Researchers wirelessly hack ‘boss’ gene, a step toward reprogramming the human genome

CBC | Canada News – U.S. company fined nearly $3M for 2016 fuel spill in B.C. First Nation’s fishing territory

SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities – Vuln: cURL/libcURL Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Slashdot – California Awards $70 Million To State Schools To Replace 200 Polluting Diesel School Buses With All-Electric Buses

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Artificial skin can sense 1000 times faster than human nerves

Nano Patents and Innovations – Crystalline ‘Artificial Muscle’ Makes Paper Doll Do Sit-Ups (Video)

Big Think – Elon Musk’s Neuralink unveils device to connect your brain to a smartphone

Scientific American – News – Climate Solution: Use Carbon Dioxide to Generate Electricity

Hack a Day – 3D Printed Prosthesis Reads Your Mind, Sees With Its Hand

Big Think – This bacteria can withstand 1,000X as much radiation as would kill a human

Big Think – A new spray may help treat the deadly white-nose syndrome

Next Big Future – Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Reveal Brain Interface Progress Within 23 Hours

Engadget – Take a virtual peek at what future Hyperloop stations could look like

Engadget – Scientists unveil 3D microscope that visualizes cells without damaging them

CBC | Canada News – B.C. man dies of rabies after coming into contact with bat

Engadget – Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus chip is built for gaming and VR

Engadget – Scotland generated enough wind energy to power its homes twice

Engadget – Facebook won’t make Libra available until regulators are happy

Engadget – SpaceX blames Crew Dragon explosion on an oxidizer leak

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – DNA replication machinery captured at atom-level detail

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – High-performance sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Loose RNA molecules rejuvenate skin

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Fluorine speeds up two-dimensional materials growth

Exploits Database by Offensive Security – [local] Streamripper 2.6 – ‘Song Pattern’ Buffer Overflow

Hacker News – Calculus for Beginners and Artists (2003)

Hacker News – U.S. Congress drafts bill to stop Zuckerberg’s Libra

Hacker News – NASA Says Earth Is Greener Today Than 20 Years Ago Thanks to China, India

Hacker News – Transparent aluminum–from Star Trek to (almost) reality

Big Think – A.I. is translating messages of long-lost languages

Big Think – U.S. Air Force warns UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51

Hack a Day – Hiding Data in Music Might be the Key to Ditching Coffee Shop WiFi Passwords

Green Car Congress – 18 more Solaris trolleybuses going to Italian cities; 45 kWh battery packs

Green Car Congress – Team finds high concentrations of combustion- and friction-derived magnetic air pollution nanoparticles in human hearts in Mexico City

Green Car Congress – MIT researchers develop method to make smaller, safer, and faster lithium-rich ceramic electrolyte

Thingiverse – Newest Things – Reforestation Drone for aerial sowing: Dronecoria

Slashdot – America’s FBI Wants To Build a Social Media-Monitoring Tool

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