tecan January 10, 2019

https://offgridsite.com/hemp-is-legal-industrial-hemp-the-off-grid-cash-crop-is-now-legal-in-usa Indusrial Hemp Now Legal In USA! this should help make new building materials like 3d filament ,bulletproof vehicles and also to reduce global warming and boost humidity. hopefully its not grown near the sea asmuch because of increased salt content

tecan January 8, 2019

Engadget – IBM is turning to your smartphone to improve weather forecasts Ars Technica – Stem cells used to trace autism back to the formation of neurons Hacker News – A Python cross-version decompiler Big Think – ​How AI is learning to convert brain signals into speech Hack a Day – Underclocking the ESP8266 Leads […]

tecan January 8, 2019

6 billion people multiplied by 100 = 600,000,000,000 years of human advancement https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2920453/Laughing-face-death-Incredible-pictures-construction-workers-fooling-built-America-s-iconic-buildings.html 1920’s

tecan January 4, 2019

Nano Patents and Innovations – Early Protostar Already Has a Warped Disk Nano Patents and Innovations – Hybrid Qubits Solve Key Hurdle to Quantum Computing Nano Patents and Innovations – Quantum Dots: Tiny Nanoparticles Derived from Tea Leaves Destroy Lung Cancer Cells ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Surprise discovery reveals second visual system in mouse […]

tecan December 29, 2018

Hacker News – SSH Examples, Tips and Tunnels Hacker News – Inside the AMD Microcode ROM Hacker News – A free clone of the Age of Empires II engine Hack a Day – Open Source IDE for FPGAs as QtCreator Learns Verilog EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Hybrid qubits solve key hurdle to quantum computing […]

tecan December 27, 2018

Green Car Congress – Toshiba making SCiB battery business an independent unit; higher energy density batteries with titanium niobium oxide anodes for EVs Green Car Congress – Volkswagen previewing mobile quick charging station; trials in 2019, production in 2020 Slashdot – Hospital Prices Are About To Go Public in the US Ars Technica – Video: […]

tecan December 27, 2018

find . -type d -print0 > dirs.txt find . -type f -print0 > files.txt cat < dirs.txt | while read in; do mkdir “$in”;done; cat files.txt | while read FILENAMES; do touch “$FILENAMES”; done started working on a script to do this but for now there is an archive i made here https://netpipe.ca/aha/programs.tar.gz

tecan December 22, 2018

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – 300 blind mice uncover genetic causes of eye disease Hacker News – Two Chinese Stalagmites Are a ‘Holy Grail’ for Accurate Radiocarbon Dating Hacker News – Open-sourcing DeepFocus, an AI-powered system for more realistic VR images Exploits Database by Offensive Security – [dos] GNU inetutils < 1.9.4 - 'telnet.c' Multiple […]