tecan October 25, 2019

INHABITAT – Calm Booth is a soundproof office retreat made out of recycled plastic bottles Next Big Future – US Army Working With UFO Group on Controversial and Speculative Technology Green Car Congress – Application period for Volkswagen Mitigation Zero Emission Transit, School, and Bus funding open; $130M Green Car Congress – California Governor signs […]

tecan October 21, 2019

PhysOrg.com – latest science and technology news stories – World’s fastest ant hits recording breaking speed of 855mm/s New Scientist – – New Scientist – Desert ant runs so fast it covers 100 times its body length per second Geek.com – Paris Zoo Unveils Bizarre ‘Blob’ Organism That Has 720 Sexes Engadget – MIT scientists […]

tecan October 17, 2019

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Creating and trapping trions at room temperature Slashdot – UK Drops Plans For Online Pornography Age Verification System Engadget – UK finally abandons its unworkable ‘porn block’ plan Big Think – Are solar-powered airships the future of cargo delivery? Nano Patents and Innovations – MIT Programmed Viruses To Infect and […]

tecan October 5, 2019

I found out the reason for being here repeating history. its to accept terminators / technology as our protectors that my grampa bill might have used in these games while looking for cancer cure for 20 years. we are a mirror image of another universe and when I was dropped on my head as a […]

tecan October 2, 2019

Big Think – McDonald’s rolls out Beyond Meat burger, the ‘P.L.T.’ MIT News – Electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) – Computer science and technology – Quantum sensing on a chip ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Quantum internet closer to reality PhysOrg.com – latest science and technology news stories – Nonviral gene therapy to speed […]

tecan September 20, 2019

Slashdot – India Bans E-cigarettes as Global Vaping Backlash Grows Scientific American – News – Silent Skies: Billions of North American Birds Have Vanished Scientific American – News – Possible Carcinogen Found in a Common Heartburn Medication Is Present in Some Foods INHABITAT – Innovative orange juicer 3D prints bioplastic cups out of leftover orange […]

tecan September 12, 2019

Next Big Future – Western Digital 20 Terabyte Hard Drives Will Power Zettabyte Age The Hacker News – Mozilla Launches ‘Firefox Private Network’ VPN Service as a Browser Extension The Hacker News – New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS Hack a Day – Handheld LoRa Joystick For Long-Range […]

tecan September 7, 2019

National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2019-15939 (opencv) INHABITAT – Germany to ban controversial weed-killer glyphosate by 2023 CBC | Canada News – Montreal wants to ban use of herbicide glyphosate, calling it a public health issue Hack a Day – ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi Hacked! ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Cancer now leading cause of death […]

tecan August 29, 2019

Green Car Congress – Researchers demonstrate effective silicon-based thermoelectric generators Hacker News – GCC null pointer check removed ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – New findings on human speech recognition ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – First report of superconductivity in a nickel oxide material ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Brain stem cells have a good memory […]

tecan August 22, 2019

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Nicotine-free e-cigarettes can damage blood vessels ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Electrons in high temperature superconductors may not obey the normal rules of pairing Engadget – Intel’s 10th-gen CPUs for powerful ultraportables will reach six cores The Register – IBM hears the RISC-V kids partying next door, decides it will […]