netpipe October 6, 2021

did you know another form of retards is someone who wont take care of themselfs and make it others problem. (welders, janitors,painters for example) welding fumes such as maganese and other fumes that cause parkisonian disease) supposedly cinnamon helps.

netpipe October 6, 2021

its the best tasting and most happy toothpaste, even works on joint pain. colgate seems to have too much floride at .7 and sensodine seems to not taste as good.

netpipe October 5, 2021

The Hacker News – Apache Warns of Zero-Day Exploit in the Wild — Patch You Web Servers Now! Hacker News – Phrack Issue 70 Home – Arduino moves chess pieces using AI Home – Tesla to launch humanoid robot CBC | Canada News – Canadians are unknowingly buying homes in climate change danger zones, report […]

netpipe September 27, 2021

Blog – Hackaday – Review: Mini AMG8833 Thermal Camera Blog – Hackaday – A Digital White Cane for the Visually Impaired Blog – Hackaday – Incredibly Slow Films, Now Playing in Dazzling Color Blog – Hackaday – Take Note: An e-Ink Tablet From Pine64 Blog – Hackaday – Where’s that Radio? A Brief History of […]

netpipe September 26, 2021

if we want to put more humidity in the air i was wondering what kind of chemical could be added to a pond to not electrolyze water and split it also to lower the latent heat of vaporization leaving the chemical behind to make it rain more thus cooling the planet more and creating clouds […]

netpipe September 25, 2021

educational use disclaimer – inspired by watching mcguiver this weekend. being bored and seeing a need for environmental technologys i had came up with these.   silent night formula from movie XXX with van diesel. hash checking adhoc networking , time limit, dna organics detector to produce serin or knockout type gas,turns unto dirt after. […]

netpipe September 14, 2021

just as a warning to gold miners that red dirt might not always be full of gold.. and might be part of some kinda killing fields that lifes blood was used in to get rid of pow’s. in my local town of drayton valley there is a ranch called kc ranch with bed and breakfast […]

netpipe September 9, 2021

c++ enums should be fixed so that the values they contain can be used in switches better the enum specifier enum test{init}; enum test1{init}; switch (esb2d[param]){ case eparamb2d(init): //gravity based {   compiling says error redefinition of init when it should support multiple enums like that.