tecan December 7, 2019

Slashdot – Scientists Propose Using Mountains To Build a New Type of Battery For Long-Term Energy Storage Slashdot – Even 50-Year-Old Climate Models Correctly Predicted Global Warming Slashdot – Qualcomm To Offer GPU Driver Updates On Google Play Store For Some Snapdragon Chips Slashdot – Recordings Reveal That Plants Make Ultrasonic Squeals When Stressed Geek.com […]

tecan December 4, 2019

Engadget – Strawberry-flavored HIV medicine could save thousands of children Engadget – Apple now owns Intel’s mobile modem business Environmental Leader – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Becomes First Theme Park on West Coast to be Powered by Renewable Energy Next Big Future – World Emissions Are Trending 38 Billion Tons CO2e Too High 2030 for […]

tecan November 30, 2019

Exploits Database by Offensive Security – [local] Bash 5.0 Patch 11 – SUID Priv Drop Exploit Hacker News – Calculus Explained with GIFs and Pics Hacker News – 3D-printed microscope enables computational super-resolution imaging at $1200 we make money not art – Tim Shaw. Catching the sound of darkness, underwater creatures and even ghosts (maybe) […]

tecan November 29, 2019

Geek.com – Former Go Champ Retires From Game: AI ‘Cannot Be Defeated’ Geek.com – Russian Cows Wear VR Headsets to Improve Milk Production Slashdot – Toshiba Claims Its Device Tests For 13 Cancer Types With 99% Accuracy From a Single Drop of Blood Slashdot – Cows Wearing VR Headsets Might Produce Better Milk Big Think […]

tecan November 25, 2019

Slashdot – Hungarian Scientists May Have Found a Fifth Force of Nature Slashdot – A Blind Man Sees His Birthday Candles Again, Thanks To a Bionic Eye and a Brain Implant Slashdot – Japanese Hotel Room Costs $1 a Night — If You’ll Livestream Yourself Nano Patents and Innovations – El Nino Swings More Violently […]

tecan November 15, 2019

PhysOrg.com – latest science and technology news stories – Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas New Scientist – – New Scientist – Long-term smokers who start vaping see health benefits within a month New Scientist – – New Scientist – Zero gravity made some astronauts’ blood flow backwards Hack a Day – Aging Alcohol […]

tecan November 14, 2019

Hack a Day – An Atari Graphics Chip, Ready For You To Build Hack a Day – Mechanical Seven-Segment Display Mixes Art with Hacking Big Think – Meet 5-MeO-DMT, the ‘powerful’ psychedelic that improves depression in one hour Green Car Congress – MIT team finds aviation emissions’ impacts on air quality larger than on climate […]

tecan November 8, 2019

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Scientists crack structure of a novel enzyme linked to cell growth and cancer Environmental Leader – Massachusetts Taps Mayflower Wind for 804-MW Offshore Wind Project INHABITAT – Keystone Pipeline leaks 383,000 gallons of crude oil, renewing debate on its expansion Green Car Congress – ANL researchers report photo-excitation can speed […]

tecan November 2, 2019

who would have money and technology to study the quantum world ? i have rock solid evidence of quantum external forces attached to my head (its unable to stop and im unable to destroy it) the forces can be felt and are very high frequency asif its making copies of itself. ( seems to be […]