netpipe April 16, 2021

does anyone know if anyone even monitors too high of transmit power or elf waves from fcc or industry canada in canada ? i get really itchy for no reason at all and spectrum scanner technology is too new to warrent having any.

netpipe April 16, 2021

massaging with and shining red laser pointer like on guns or most stores seem to get rid of quantum tunnels,body pains and (sperits if you believe in them). i had pain in the ear and butt that went away with dr hos but kept coming back until i tried laser pointers. works well on itchy […]

netpipe April 15, 2021

there has hardly been any precipitation in canada after winter. usually the rain melts things and it rains in april but i havnt even seen enough to wash the roads off. could it be due to cloud seeding else ware silver iodide in the clouds.     this was posted 4 hours ago red Alert […]

netpipe April 12, 2021

3 projects i have i  progress will ensure my spot as vr king of the world my new happyhands vr glove with dr hos haptic feedback and micro needle array will provide textures and edge detection first of its kind. Futuristic Sports and my luna game engine with pbr rendering support   if you are […]

netpipe April 6, 2021

Next Big Future – Exploring ALL Interstellar Propulsion Concepts Next Big Future – 100 Gigabit per Second Wireless P2P Communication is Near Next Big Future – Bullet and Bomb Proof Flying 3D Printed Titanium Iron Man Armor Hack a Day – Python Will Soon Support Switch Statements Hack a Day – Adjustable, Low-Impact Keeb is […]

netpipe April 6, 2021

with the rise of flying platforms and ed printed flight suits self steering bullets/mini missles with object recognition and integrated cameras could be a thing soon. also self stabalizing sniper rifles kinda like helicopter chase cams. arduino SOD might be able to perform the task in a bullet the size of your pinky finger. alot […]

netpipe April 5, 2021

some people have it pretty cushy with this formula – sometimes it feels like im surrounded by lazy retards but dont know why. child support from the government $6,765 per year ($563.75 per month) for each eligible child under the age of 6 $5,708 per year ($475.66 per month) for each eligible child aged 6 […]

netpipe April 2, 2021

Nano Patents and Innovations – Artificial Neuron Device Could Shrink Energy Use and Size of Neural Network Hardware CBC | Canada News – 14 people are mapping Canada’s path to net-zero emissions — can they do it? CBC | Canada News – CRA sending details of bank accounts to IRS that don’t have to be […]

netpipe April 1, 2021

i am writing a history of digital currency to compliment my new software but cannot find the original article that started it for me. it had been probably a slashdot article around 1996 ish maybe earlier like 1992 about a east indian who used excel spreadsheet to generate serial numbers as a ledger for  digital […]