netpipe August 15, 2020

In Canada you can not even sell water or ice for human consumption without a CRA business number and food permit even if its bottled. makes me wonder how hotels and public buildings/places such as hospitals and tourist sites in the mountains can put public fountains out without the water being FDA approved even though […]

netpipe August 11, 2020

concrete tents with inside painted or coated in hard wax combined with with layer of dust to lessen the stink wax can absorb. even regular canvas and concrete mix or lime and diy mix. tunnel machines shipping container houses anchored down if you need to dig a hole in solid rock maybe try something like […]

netpipe August 2, 2020

The Register – Japan starts work on global quantum crypto network Slashdot – Pre-Clinical Test of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shows It Protected Monkeys from Covid-19 Slashdot – Lithium Can Be Extracted From Groundwater At Geothermal Installations Slashdot – Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Wants To Create a Government-Funded AI University Slashdot – Giant Waves […]

netpipe July 18, 2020

  the missing magnetic field from the deepwater horizon disaster causing the mantle to not get enough oil to stay molten is causing heatwaves in south africa then sending the rain to china Deep Water Oil Disaster to blame for earths weakening field ?

netpipe July 15, 2020

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Engineered llama antibodies neutralize COVID-19 virus – latest science and technology news stories – New bioink for cell bioprinting in 3-D New Scientist – – New Scientist – Damaged human lungs revived for transplant by connecting them to a pig EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Keeping innocent people out […]

netpipe July 10, 2020

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Brain iron accumulation linked to cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients EurekAlert! – Breaking News – COVID-19 causes ‘hyperactivity’ in blood-clotting cells EurekAlert! – Breaking News – New drug reduces stroke damage in mice EurekAlert! – Breaking News – COVID-19 brain complications found across the globe EurekAlert! – Breaking News – […]

netpipe July 8, 2020

earths magnetic field is weakening and the anomoloy can probably be tied to one of the latest disasters Deep Water Horizon oil blowout.  if they do not pressure up the well we will loose the ability to keep the mantle hot with the oil in the well 5500 PSI according to the movie IIRC but […]

netpipe June 24, 2020 100 story building or 300 m  , 1000 feet  drop should yeild 11 seconds of freefall maybe some vr goggles and a wind tunnel and a dropping platform simulating vertigo + brainbolt its the way golden eagles do it. maybe blindfold + downward slope on a cart into a wall head first.   current […]