netpipe January 12, 2022

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Watch a robot playing table tennis after just 90 minutes of training

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Human brain cells in a dish learn to play Pong faster than an AI

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Outdoor workers are losing hours due to overheating from deforestation

The Register – USA signs internet freedom and no-hack pact it’s ignored since 2018

The Register – BeOS rebuild / Haiku has a new feature / that runs Windows apps

Slashdot – 75% of Steam’s Top 1000 Games Work On Linux Now

Slashdot – New Policing System Will Send Drones To the Source of Gunshots

Slashdot – Rare Recordings of 1994 Talks By a 24-Year-Old Linus Torvalds Re-Discovered

Slashdot – China Says SpaceX Satellites Nearly Collided With Its Space Station

Slashdot – Hyundai Shuts Down Its Engine Development Team Amid Focus On Electric Cars

Slashdot – MIT Engineers Test an Idea For a New Hovering Rover

Slashdot – Five of World’s Most Powerful Nations Pledge To Avoid Nuclear War

Slashdot – Kosovo Bans Cryptocurrency Mining To Save Electricity

Slashdot – Firefox 96 Yields Less Load On The Main Thread, WebP Encoder For Canvas – videos, pictures, celebs, flash games – Amazing DIY Projects (25 pics)

Blog – Hackaday – Low Cost Haptic VR Gloves Work With Hacked Steam Games

Blog – Hackaday – This Little Minecraft Mine Cart of Mine

Hacker News – Nvidia tool generates full 3D models from a single still image

Hack a Day – USB Power Has Never Been Easier

Hack a Day – This John Deere Tractor Doesn’t Need a Driver

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