netpipe September 9, 2021

Hack a Day – Tesla’s Megapack Battery Burned for Days in Grid Storage Fire

Engadget – Android 12 is almost ready as latest beta focuses on platform stability

Engadget – MIT developed a low-cost prosthetic hand that can help amputees feel again

Engadget – Google Maps will show you the nearest available Spin e-bike or scooter

Engadget – Tinder will make ID verification available to all users

Ars Technica – Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck will be based on Arch Linux—not Debian

Ars Technica – Study: These ancient straight-shelled cephalopods lived the vertical life

Ars Technica – QuakeCon schedule leak shows Quake “revitalized edition” from MachineGames

Ars Technica – Samsung has its own AI-designed chip. Soon, others will too

Ars Technica – Intel’s Arc GPUs will compete with GeForce and Radeon in early 2022

CBC | Canada News – Health Canada says Cord Blood Bank of Canada removed all samples from storage before surprise inspection

CBC | Canada News – Canada is headed for a federal election on Sept. 20

CBC | Canada News – Climate risk scores could reshape Canadian real estate markets, some experts say

CBC | Canada News – Elections matter — and this one may matter more than most

BBC – Canada election: Trudeau calls snap summer campaign

Blog – Hackaday – Tamagotchis Everywhere

Blog – Hackaday – Making a Left-Handed NES Controller

Blog – Hackaday – Taking a Walk Down [Computer] Memory Lane

Hacker News – 2,400-year-old baskets still filled with fruit found in submerged Egyptian city

Hack a Day – ReactOS Is Going Places, With More Stable AMD64, SMP, And Multi-Monitor Support

Engadget – WhatsApp head says Apple’s child safety update is a ‘surveillance system’

Ars Technica – SpaceX previews ruggedized Starlink dish for vehicles, ships, and aircraft

INHABITAT – Bottled water’s impact is 3,500 times higher than tap water – latest science and technology news stories – Scientists mail freeze-dried mouse sperm on a postcard

New Scientist – – New Scientist – US Navy is developing a solar-powered plane that can fly for 90 days

New Scientist – – New Scientist – The moon may never actually have had a strong magnetic field

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Scientists have worked out how to send viable mouse sperm on postcards

Slashdot – Apple Plans To Scan US iPhones for Child Abuse Imagery

Hacker News – Ray Tracing Gems II available as free download

Hacker News – The human ear detects half a millisecond delay in sound

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