netpipe February 27, 2021

going to start a new page soon explaining the dangers of consumer goods where the manufacture process can go bad.

should have a spot to submit product complaints so others know.


sofar in my museam of bad products I have.

coca cola – undrinkable because of the high caffeine content probably.  from 3 years ago

life brand pepto bismal…. i think it had too much bismal in it – burnt my throat and made me feel strange. recently 2021

tang  – I have a box that smells like medication and makes your mouth and lips numb. recently 2021 just this week.

canned foods can go bad quick too if they are near a heat source while storing.


the ld of products need to take into consideration that sometimes values can corrupt on the eeproms of devices during power surges also hackers can wreak havoc on some systems. need quality QC specially during pendemics where things are not watched as much.


monsantos a large food supplier chart to see how one computer or warehouse could effect millions of people.

Im not saying that these companies are bad but they are easy targets for food supply chain when you know how to find out how distribution is taken care of. something as simple as processed wheat or powdered cheese can wreck(not that i’ve ever had an issue with Kraft dinner before) specially if some of their computers not firewalled or on their own uncompromised intranets.


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