netpipe February 18, 2021

new forms of crypto currency designed to force an environmental movement to be able to have an AI that can fix and bring fairness to our lives. personal security was its main goal because dolphin attacks and things are real.

an example of some environmental disasters are.

  • prime coin modified with extra verification factors maybe could be measured in miliwatts with a raspberry pi.
  • some coins use a combination of scrypt and sha256 for POW.
  • high tx verify cost’s.
  • make mining difficult and burn the initial offering coins random spots so the accounts are unrecoverable and spread out.
  • 80 Mega-Watts per hour would be considered a disaster Im sure.
  • could be rigged towards needing majority of the mined coins once mined to buy the other coin reward such as bitcoin or litecoin.
  • it would be easy to create a mining pool to facilitate this.
  • no blockchain pruning and coin tumble alot could be even worse on power usage.


  • f*ck you coin
  • piss off coin
  • headbeater coin
  • facepunch coin
  • chinese torture coin
  • roman catholic church pear coin has some source to modify the tokens to create coins there are also shell scripts that do same thing. I had imagined it looked something like this.

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