netpipe February 12, 2021

Big Think – Venus flytrap jaws create tiny magnetic fields when they snap shut

Nano Patents and Innovations – New Quantum ‘Sensor Detects All Radio Frequencies

Blog – Hackaday – Learn Bil Herd’s DIY Surface Mount Assembly Process

Blog – Hackaday – Building An Ultrasonic Levitation Rig

Blog – Hackaday – AM/FM Radio Gets Bluetooth Upgrade

Blog – Hackaday – Arducam Now Working With the RPi Pico

Blog – Hackaday – Youngster’s ESP32 Jukebox uses RFID to Queue Tunes

Blog – Hackaday – Driving Upside Down With An RC Fan Car

Blog – Hackaday – Bike Wheel Light Flashes Just Right

Blog – Hackaday – Hands On with the Voltera V-One PCB Printer

Blog – Hackaday – Arduboy Gets Even Smaller With New Nano Edition

The Hacker News – Apple Patches 10-Year-Old macOS SUDO Root Privilege Escalation Bug

Hacker News – Fastfloat – C++ library 4x faster than strtod

Hacker News – The World’s Fastest DES Cracker

Hacker News – How to write cuneiform

Hacker News – Sequencing your DNA with a USB dongle and open source code

Hacker News – New report on Apple’s VR headset: 8K in each eye, potential $3k price tag

Hacker News – AI maths whiz creates tough new problems for humans to solve

Hacker News – ReactOS Updates

Hacker News – MasterCard to open up network to cryptocurrencies

Hacker News – Lynx: Power-Efficient Cryptocurrency Using RPi [pdf]

Hack a Day – LoRa Messenger Does its Best BlackBerry Impression

Hack a Day – PCB Bath Comes from Russia with Love

Hack a Day – The Future of Hydrogen Power… is Paste?

Hack a Day – Sensing Danger with Spinach

Hack a Day – Ice40 Runs DOOM

Hack a Day – Hands-On: The RISC-V ESP32-C3 Will Be Your New ESP8266

Hack a Day – Teardown: Bug Zapper Bulb

Hack a Day – Tonewheels Warble in This Organ-Inspired Musical Instrument

Hack a Day – Simple Slide Whistle Gets a MIDI Makeover

Environmental Leader – Analysis: Propane Outpaces Electric for Carbon Footprint in Trucks

Blog – Hackaday – Upgrading An Old Mig Welder Wire Feeder With Arduino

Blog – Hackaday – Blue Pill Vs Black Pill: Transitioning From STM32F103 To STM32F411

Hack a Day – Handy Tool Drains 18650 Cells So You Don’t Have To

Hack a Day – It Costs WHAT?! A Sounding Into Hearing Aids

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