netpipe September 26, 2020

Nano Patents and Innovations – More Cats Catching COVID-19 Than First Thought, Felines Also at Risk for Reinfection.

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Travelling through a wormhole without dying may actually be possible

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Human trials of Oxford coronavirus vaccine have begun in the US

Big Think – Only 35 percent of Americans know the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Hack a Day – Tracking Down Radio Frequency Noise Source, With Help from Mother Nature

Slashdot – Rat That Sniffs Out Land Mines Receives Award For Bravery

Slashdot – Vaccine Maker Novavax Enters Final Large-Scale Testing of Its Covid-19 Vaccine

Slashdot – Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine Produces Strong Immune Response in Early Trial

The Register – It’s the year of Linux on the… ThinkPad as Lenovo extends out-of-the-box Ubuntu support to nearly 30 machines

Blog – Hackaday – Xbox Controller Gets Snap On Joystick from Clever 3D-Printed Design

CBC | Canada News – Clock is ticking for the Liberals to announce new defence chief

CBC | Canada News – Rare 102-carat Canadian diamond at auction this month could be among the world’s most expensive

CBC | Canada News – Public Health Agency of Canada president resigns as COVID-19 cases spike

CBC | Canada News – Liberals pledge $1 billion for cities to buy motels, hotels for rapid-housing program

CBC | Canada News – Ford deal to build electric cars in Oakville comes amid $500M government cash to upgrade plant

Big Think – Dark energy located in intergalactic voids, predicts new study

Ars Technica – AT&T reportedly trying to sell DirecTV after massive customer losses

Ars Technica – Musk says that Neuralink implants are close to ready for human testing

Ars Technica – Arm’s new Cortex-R82 is its first 64-bit real-time processor

Ars Technica – Nvidia will keep ARM licensing “neutral,” wants to license GPU tech, too

Ars Technica – Lenovo begins selling OEM Ubuntu PCs to the general public

Ars Technica – Not-so-hostile takeover: Human Y chromosome displaced the Neanderthals’ version

Slashdot – Scientists Say a Mind-Bending Rhythm In the Brain Can Act Like Ketamine

Hack a Day – Circuit Board Origami Puts You Face-to-Face with Low-Poly Electronics

Hack a Day – SpaceX Sending Tom Cruise to the Space Station in 2021

Hack a Day – Watch a Fast Sand Plotter Plow Patterns at Speed

Blog – Hackaday – Nvidia Acquires ARM for $40 Billion

Hacker News – World’s First Human Bionic Eye

Hacker News – Amnesia is now open source

Hacker News – Windows XP source code has leaked

Energy News – 3D Printed Solar Energy Trees

Energy News – Meet the Makani Energy Kite

Energy News – Japan Closer to Harvesting Solar Energy from Space

Hack a Day – TV Output from Arduino — 1980s Style!

Hacker News – Redox: Unix-Like Operating System in Rust

Hacker News – Makani source code released

Slashdot – WSL 2 In Windows 10 Now Supports Mounting Linux Filesystems Like EXT4

Slashdot – Mark Zuckerberg Launches a Push to Recruit Poll Workers for US Election on Facebook

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