netpipe September 11, 2020

Hack a Day – 3D-Printed Flight Controls Use Magnets for Enhanced Flight Simulator 2020 Experience

Hack a Day – The Screwdriver You Don’t Need, But Probably Want

Hack a Day – Autonomous Off-Road Food Delivery with Pixhawk

Hack a Day – Teardown: Mini GPS Jammer

Hack a Day – Electric Surfboard Doesn’t Need Waves

Hack a Day – 3D-Printed Thermite Brings the Heat, and the Safety

Hack a Day – Surfboard LED Strips Light Up The Waves

Hack a Day – ISS Ham Radio Repeater

Hacker News – A Neural-Based Program Decompiler (2019)

Hacker News – Gravitricity – Fast, long-life energy storage

The Hacker News – Maximum Lifespan of SSL/TLS Certificates is 398 Days Starting Today

The Hacker News – Microsoft Releases September 2020 Security Patches For 129 Flaws

The Hacker News – New Raccoon Attack Could Let Attackers Break SSL/TLS Encryption

The Hacker News – New Unpatched Bluetooth Flaw Lets Hackers Easily Target Nearby Devices

Hack a Day – Two-Part, Four-Wire Air Quality Meter Shows How It’s Done

Hack a Day – 38 Years Later, The Atari 2600 Learns To Speak

Big Think – Elon Musk’s Neuralink successfully implanted chips in pig brains

Slashdot – Reviewer Calls Linux-based PinePhone ‘the Most Interesting Smartphone I’ve Tried in Years’

Slashdot – Ailing Scientist Hopes to Become the World’s First Cyborg

Slashdot – Engineers Set New World Record for Internet Speed

Slashdot – Man Sues Patent Office For Deciding an AI Can’t Invent Things

INHABITAT – World’s highest temperature, 130F, recorded in Death Valley

INHABITAT – Surprising ways seaweed benefits the environment

Nano Patents and Innovations – Slowly Splitting ‘Dent’ in Earth’s Magnetic Field Tracked by NASA Researchers

Blog – Hackaday – Draw On Your Lawn With This Autonomous Mower And RTK-GPS

Hacker News – Chat server on a WiFi-enabled SD card

Hacker News – Pytov – C-like syntax Python

Hacker News – Black silicon photodetector breaks the 100% efficiency limit

Hacker News – Supercapacitors from Standard Bricks

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