netpipe July 10, 2020

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Brain iron accumulation linked to cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – COVID-19 causes ‘hyperactivity’ in blood-clotting cells

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – New drug reduces stroke damage in mice

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – COVID-19 brain complications found across the globe

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Using electricity to break down pollutants left over after wastewater treatment

CBC | Canada News – Aurora Cannabis to lay off staff, close 5 sites in 4 provinces

Hack a Day – Robotic Cornhole Board Does the Electric Slide

Hacker News – Major Proposed Changes to Linux From Scratch

INHABITAT – Siberia hits record 100 degrees

Environmental Leader – Argonne Scientists Make Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Breakthroughs

Green Car Congress – Project ASLAN launches open-source self-driving software platform

INHABITAT – Eos Bioreactor uses AI and algae to combat climate change

Green Car Congress – Fountain Valley, CA hydrogen station opens; 100% renewable H2

Green Car Congress – Neste delivers first batch of sustainable aviation fuel to SFO; first company to deliver it via pipeline

Slashdot – Power Pioneer Invents New Battery That’s 90% Cheaper Than Lithium-Ion

Slashdot – China Launches Its Final Satellite To Complete Its Rival To the US-owned GPS System

Slashdot – Segway Will Stop Making Its Iconic Self-balancing Scooter

Slashdot – You Can Now Buy Bitcoin At CVS, 7-Eleven, Rite-Aid

Slashdot – After 19 Years, Python May Finally Get a Pattern Matching Syntax

Slashdot – Sydney Now Powered By 100% Renewable Electricity

Slashdot – 3D-Printed Plant-Based Steaks Could Arrive In 2021

Slashdot – Divers Find Evidence of Prehistoric Mining Operation in North America

Slashdot – Trump Administration Begins Formal Withdrawal From WHO

Slashdot – Warning of Serious Brain Disorders in People With Mild Coronavirus Symptoms

Slashdot – Microsoft’s New KDP Tech Blocks Malware By Making Parts of the Windows Kernel Read-Only

Nano Patents and Innovations – The Whole of Earth’s Atmosphere Is Vibrating Like a Bell

Ars Technica – Is SARS-CoV-2 airborne? Questions abound—but here’s what we know

Hacker News – New German law would force ISPs to allow secret service to install trojans

Hacker News – Western Digital’s 16TB and 18TB drives: EAMR HDDs enter the retail channel – latest science and technology news stories – South Pole warming three times faster than rest of Earth: study – latest science and technology news stories – Florida still deadliest state for lightning as storms roll into busiest time of year – latest science and technology news stories – New plastic biomaterials could lead to tougher, more versatile medical implants – latest science and technology news stories – The lightest electromagnetic shielding material in the world

Engadget – Astronomers find the first known exposed core of a gas giant

Engadget – Loon’s balloon-powered internet service is live in Kenya

Nano Patents and Innovations – Common Cold Virus Can Cause Heart Attacks

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Climate change will make world too hot for 60 per cent of fish species

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Ultrasound tweezers could help remove kidney stones without surgery

Big Think – Bubonic plague case reported in China

Ars Technica – New polymer easily captures gold extracted from e-waste

Ars Technica – China moves forward with COVID-19 vaccine, approving it for use in military

Ars Technica – Sega’s next retro hardware is a 1/6th-scale multi-game arcade cabinet

Ars Technica – The new Snapdragon 865 Plus packs Wi-Fi 6E, 10% higher clocks

Hack a Day – Towards a 3D-Printed Neutrino Detector

Hack a Day – FreeDVDBoot Opens Up The PlayStation 2 Like Never Before

Hack a Day – 3D Printing Damascus-like Steel

Hack a Day – Easy, Secure HTTPS With an ESP8266

Hack a Day – Your Microcontroller Is Your IDE

Hack a Day – Not Just GPS: New Options For Global Positioning

Hack a Day – The Latest Linux – On A Floppy In A 486!

Hacker News – New technology for aluminum production promises zero CO2 emission

Hacker News – Websites that look like desktop GUIs

Hacker News – Everything I Know: Buckminster Fuller (1975)

Hacker News – Brython – A Python 3 implementation for client-side web programming

Hacker News – Ariane RISC-V CPU – An open source CPU capable of booting Linux

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