netpipe July 8, 2020

earths magnetic field is weakening and the anomoloy can probably be tied to one of the latest disasters Deep Water Horizon oil blowout.  if they do not pressure up the well we will loose the ability to keep the mantle hot with the oil in the well 5500 PSI according to the movie IIRC but other sources say 11,000 PSI. if the earth looses mass due to the mantle cooling from loss of rotational energy also loss of charge we could loose the moon faster aswell. loss of magnetic field will result in ozone depletion and hotter temperatures. we are starting to see the heatwaves and extra rainfall from it.


also there were 2 supernova’s in 2015 on from centarus A galexy 13 million light years away and one from 2015f 80 million light years away. im not sure how fast the microwaves travel after seeing the light but this might also be a worry sometime in the future.




seems to be causing heatwaves in south africa then heating up the waters and sending rainfall to china.

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