netpipe December 11, 2019

CBC | Canada News – All systems go: 1st all-electric seaplane takes flight in B.C.

INHABITAT – Costco is now selling Beyond Burgers in bulk

INHABITAT – The largest green wall in Europe will absorb 8 tons of air pollution per year

Slashdot – George Laurer, Co-Inventor of the Barcode, Dies At 94

Slashdot – Nikon Is Killing Its Authorized Repair Program

Slashdot – Greenland’s Ice Sheet Melting Seven Times Faster Than In 1990s

Ars Technica – AT&T raises DirecTV prices again despite losing millions of customers – latest science and technology news stories – Germany on alert as swine fever nears border

Engadget – Magic Leap shifts focus to business with an updated AR headset

Engadget – Walmart will test driverless grocery deliveries in Houston

Home – OpenHW Group to tape out heterogeneous multi-core processor

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – The secret to a long life? For worms, a cellular recycling protein is key

Scientific American – News – New Zealand Eruption: The Inherent Risk in Visiting Volcanoes

Hack a Day – Tracking Wasted Time With A Ferrofluid Clock

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Predators may make prey get smart and grow more brain cells

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Greenland lost almost 4 trillion tonnes of ice in less than 30 years

Hacker News – Show HN: Kong – Physical Cryptocurrency

The Hacker News – New PlunderVolt Attack Targets Intel SGX Enclaves by Tweaking CPU Voltage

The Hacker News – Snatch Ransomware Reboots Windows in Safe Mode to Bypass Antivirus

The Hacker News – Latest Microsoft Update Patches New Windows 0-Day Under Active Attack

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – New aluminium hydroxide stable at extremely high pressure

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