netpipe June 8, 2019

Green Car Congress – Mercedes-AMG 2L, turbo four-cylinder pushes out up to 421 hp, 500 Nm

Next Big Future – NASA Posts Prices for Space With Separate Pricing for Toilet and Food

Engadget – China warns tech firms against cooperating with US trade ban

Engadget – Maker Faire ceases operations amid financial trouble

Engadget – Microsoft Excel can provide real-time stock data

Engadget – Facebook’s cryptocurrency may debut this month

Engadget – StarCraft FPS reportedly axed by Blizzard

Engadget – Social media ads for vaping must include nicotine warnings, FTC says – Man Plays ‘Lucky’ Fortune Cookie Numbers, Wins $344 Million Powerball Jackpot – Amazon’s Prime Air Drone Will Make Same-Day Deliveries – Watch: Water Is Released From Moon During Meteor Showers – Watch: Ants Rip Spider Web Apart to Rescue Trapped Sibling – Extinct Russian Volcano Has Woken Up and Could Erupt at Any Moment, Scientists Say

Home – OpenHW to boost adoption of open source processors

Home – 105 tiny satellites launch, fly, and come to a fiery end

MIT News – Electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) – Computer science and technology – Chip design drastically reduces energy needed to compute with light

MIT News – CSAIL – Robotics – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) – Robots – Artificial intelligence – How to speed up the discovery of new solar cell materials

MIT News – Biology – Genetics – biophysics – Drug makes tumors more susceptible to chemo

Big Think – Why are IQ scores rising? Industrialization rewired our minds.

Slashdot – Puncture-Proof Tires Revealed By GM and Michelin

Slashdot – EU Laws Requiring Audible Warning Sounds For Electric Cars Take Effect July 1

Slashdot – Should the UK Re-Open An Old, Cracked Nuclear Reactor?

Ars Technica – Creative thinking: Researchers propose solar methanol island using ocean CO₂

Ars Technica – Researchers balance Casimir effects, make tiny hoverboard

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Toxic metals found in reproductive organs of critically endangered eels

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Could you fail a drug test by taking CBD? (video)

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – The nicotine in e-cigarettes appears to impair mucus clearance

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – U of G researchers discover meat-eating plant in Ontario, Canada

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – How do foams collapse?

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Plasma created using nanowires and long-wavelength ultrashort pulse laser

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Pioneering 3D printed device sets new record for efficiency – latest science and technology news stories – Probing semiconductor crystals with a sphere of light – latest science and technology news stories – Manipulating electron spin using artificial molecular motors – latest science and technology news stories – New core-shell catalyst for ethanol fuel cells

Big Think – Robert Downey Jr. plans to ‘clean up the planet’ with A.I.

Green Car Congress – Toyota and Subaru jointly to develop BEV-dedicated platform and BEV SUV

INHABITAT – TRS Studio turns shipping containers into low-cost Pachacutec housing

Next Big Future – We Have Room to Add 35% More Trees Globally to Store 160 Billion Tons of CO2

Green Car Congress – Fraunhofer researchers develop new low-cost dry-film electrode production process

The Hacker News – New Brute-Force Botnet Targeting Over 1.5 Million RDP Servers Worldwide

The Hacker News – Hacker Discloses Second Zero-Day to Bypass Patch for Windows EoP Flaw

Hacker News – ASCII fluid dynamics – A tiny fluid simulator that fits in 80×25 terminal

Hacker News – Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

Hacker News – Microsoft deletes face recognition database

Next Big Future – Human Gene Editing of Embryos Will Be Safe and Effective Within Two Years

INHABITAT – Repurposed shipping containers turned into solar-powered Cycle Hubs

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