netpipe April 10, 2019

Engadget – AMD’s latest Ryzen Pro chips bring Vega graphics to work laptops

Engadget – Facebook creates an AI-based map of Africa to help with crisis relief

Engadget – Blackmagic’s free video editing app helps YouTubers cut faster

Hack a Day – Graphene Is So Yesterday — Meet Borophene – Unleash Your Inner Artist With This Tracing Pad – Now Only $25

SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities – Vuln: PHP Multiple Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Could eating garlic reduce aging-related memory problems?

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Study shows dogs can accurately sniff out cancer in blood

Nano Patents and Innovations – Unexpected Rain on Sun Links Two Solar Mysteries

Nano Patents and Innovations – Blocking Protein’s Activity Restores Cognition in Old Mice

Nano Patents and Innovations – Making Sound Only Go One-Way Now Possible

Hack a Day – Anodizing Aluminium In The Land of the Queen

Hack a Day – DIY Piano: Look, Ma, no Moving parts

Hack a Day – Make Your Own MIDI Controller With An Arduino

Hack a Day – Shop-Built Fixtures Reveal the Magic of Switchable Permanent Magnets

INHABITAT – Ioncell technology creates eco-textile clothing fibers from birch trees – latest science and technology news stories – Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Large Antarctic Ice Shelf, home to a UK research station, is about to break apart

Ars Technica – Amazon plans satellite broadband for “tens of millions” of people

Slashdot – Apple Hires AI Expert Ian Goodfellow

Slashdot – Google Cancels AI Ethics Board In Response To Outcry

Environmental Leader – Bank of America Invests $300 Billion in Low-Carbon Business

Next Big Future – Light Pulse at 30 Times the Speed of Light

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