tecan December 12, 2018

Engadget – Qualcomm’s 8cx chipset just might make always-on PCs worth using

Engadget – Fluoride discovery could lead to much longer-lasting EV batteries

Ars Technica – Cryptography failure leads to easy hacking for PlayStation Classic

SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities – Vuln: GNU Binutils Integer Overflow and Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Hacker News – Storing C++ Objects in Distributed Memory

National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2018-18690 (linux_kernel)

Hacker News – PyTorch 1.0 is out

Hacker News – FireHOL – Linux firewalling and traffic shaping for humans

Hacker News – PracticalAI – A practical approach to learning machine learning

The Hacker News – Warning! Unprivileged Linux Users With UID > INT_MAX Can Execute Any Command

The Hacker News – How to Hack WiFi Password Easily Using New Attack On WPA/WPA2

Big Think – Even these Terrible Maps can teach us something

Hack a Day – Bose Wants You to Listen Up for Augmented Reality

Hack a Day – Hydrogen Powered Nerf Blaster Is Dangerously Awesome

Engadget – Texas will soon provide inmates with 3D-printed dentures

Hack a Day – Improving Depth Of Field With Only 5 Phones

Hacker News – Running FreeBSD on OS X using xhyve, a port of bhyve

Slashdot – The Electric Airplane Revolution May Come Sooner Than You Think

Slashdot – Malicious Sites Abuse 11-Year-Old Firefox Bug That Mozilla Failed To Fix

OSNews – A visual defragmenter for the Commodore 64

OSNews – BATAS 8086 assembler written in MS-DOS batch files

Thingiverse – Newest Things – BySjD

Thingiverse – Newest Remixes – Automatic CD / DVD Burner / Ripper

Thingiverse – Newest Remixes – Gear Bearing Fidget Spinner Attachment [REMIX]

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