tecan September 11, 2018

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Molecular switches are not just ‘on’ or ‘off’

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Scientists develop new drug treatment for TB

Home – Arduino runs BASIC with colour output

Engadget – A project to remove 88,000 tons of plastic from the Pacific has begun

Engadget – Sony vows to use 100 percent renewable electricity by 2040

The Register – US military chucks $2bn at AI, Google touts machine-learning data search, and more

Geek.com – Carlsberg Is Gluing Beer Cans Together to Help Save the Planet

Geek.com – Three New Fish Species Discovered in Extreme Ocean Depths

The Green Optimistic – Mini-Carb – NASA’s Greenhouse Gas Measuring Instrument

INHABITAT – Pipeline leaks 8,000 gallons of jet fuel into Indiana river

PhysOrg.com – latest science and technology news stories – Insulator becomes conductor at the push of a button

PhysOrg.com – latest science and technology news stories – Breakthrough opens door to $100 ultrasound machine

The Hacker News – Tor Browser Zero-Day Exploit Revealed Online – Patch Now

Big Think – Twice the size of Earth and 145 light years away, planet 503b has just been discovered

Next Big Future – Neuralink brain computer interface ten times better than anything before to be announced in months

Next Big Future – 25+ year journey to superstrong carbon nanotube bundles

Next Big Future – Breakthrough Carbon nanotube bundles are over 20 times stronger than Kevlar

Engadget – HP’s Metal Jet could be a huge leap for commercial 3D printing

Hack a Day – Cheap RC Boat Turned Weirdly Capable Seaplane

Hack a Day – 3D Printed Radius Gauge, Just Add Calipers (And A Wee Bit Of Math)

Hack a Day – Trebucheting Tennis Balls at 124 MPH

Ars Technica – Carpeting Sahara with wind and solar farms could make it rain

The Register – China will overtake America as leading AI superpower, warns ex-Google Beijing bigwig

Nano Patents and Innovations – New Simple 3D Printer for Metal

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