netpipe July 26, 2018

Hacker News – Attempting to modify e-coli with CRISPR in my bathroom

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Team shatters theoretical limit on bio-hydrogen production

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – A new milestone in laboratory grown human brain tissue – latest science and technology news stories – Deep learning cracks the code of messenger RNAs and protein-coding potential – latest science and technology news stories – Soil bugs munch on plastics – latest science and technology news stories – Team develops ground-breaking flexible X-ray detector – latest science and technology news stories – Researchers upgrade organic solar cells to be used in roof tiles generating power – latest science and technology news stories – PEF chal­lenges PET to bat­tle

Distill – Differentiable Image Parameterizations

Hacker News – A drug for smallpox has been approved, even though the disease no longer exists

Hacker News – Getting Started with Quantum Computing in Python

Hacker News – GCC 8.2 Released

Hacker News – For the first time in 15 years, a new Alzheimer’s drug looks promising

Big Think – The ingredient that makes this meatless burger bleed is safe to eat, FDA rules

Slashdot – Student Engineers Build Hyperloop Test Pods That Set a New Speed Record

Slashdot – This Week’s Total Lunar Eclipse Is the Longest of the Century

Hack a Day – Failed 3D Print Saved with Manual Coding

Hack a Day – Measuring Web Latency in the Browser

Hack a Day – Out Of Batteries For Your Torch? Just Use A Mini Nitro Engine

Hack a Day – Fail Of The Week: How Not To Make A 3D Scanner

Hack a Day – Twenty Power Harvesting Projects Headed to the Hackaday Prize Finals

Hack a Day – Was the Self Driving Car Invented in the 1980s?

Hack a Day – Monoprice Mini Converted to Pick and Place (Kinda)

Nano Patents and Innovations – Quantum Super Battery Could Recharge Instantaneously

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Breakthrough in battle against type 2 diabetes

Green Car Congress – Ford spins-out autonomous vehicles organization

Green Car Congress – NTT DOCOMO and AGC achieve 8Gbps 5G communications at 62 mph with on-glass antenna

Engadget – Toshiba’s flash chips could boost SSD capacity by 500 percent

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Scientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss in a mouse model

Hack a Day – A Slightly Scientific Examination Of Epoxies

Hack a Day – Build A Boat With Your Buddies

Hack a Day – Sharpies and Glue Sticks Fight the Gummy Metal Machining Blues

Hack a Day – Learn to Count in Seximal, a Position Above the Rest – latest science and technology news stories – Carbon components from a 3-D printer – latest science and technology news stories – CRISPR-based tool maps gene function in human cells

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