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2014 - 06.08


now choosing hardware can be a bit tricky if you dont know what to look for. nowdays its getting harder to beat a laptop with a desktop pc. its been said that anything over 1ghz by deffinition is a super computer. everyone nowdays carries around a supercomputer in their pockets lol.

the feel of classic gnome for linux its very polished and professional. now theres a few modern options available. you’ll want either mate desktop or gnome3 with classic fallback mode, both are good i prefer the former.

ok now that you have all that you’ll need some other usefull programs.

Usefull Applications

  • xchat – for contacting other nerds — find me as Tecan on efnet or freenode if you have questions or just want to say hi
  • autokey – for making life easier
  • thunderbird – firefox
  • liferea – reading rss news
  • filezilla or gftp(had some issues getting gftp ftps to work)
  • exaile for music – be sure to turn the plugins off that connect to the internet like covers and lyrics wiki etc…

firefox – check here for the plugins you’ll wan,56179206/giffer.7z/  << animated wallpaper weather manager for the gnome desktop.

compiz works well but sometimes it uses more resources than youd like. this python script has no overhead and is easily modifiable.  seeing gravity in the code gave me a few ideas for a new ui system that clears itself as if the windows were shrinking and falling or just shrinking and expanding on mouse over. i ended up modifying pywo to move the mouse cursor around with the windows.

  • i added the line below to grid definition in file m.move(position.x-20,position.y+10)  # might need to check what position was pressed and invert it accordingly.


 Admin Tools

  2. wireshark
  3. gufw – ufw  – firewall

other stuff – window manager , installed software , accessories to get – hardware hacks n mods.

 Programming Tools

  1. CodeBlocks
  2. SPE – python IDE
  3. radare

3d Tools

  •  blender 3d – works amazing for CAD
  • wings 3d
  • texture generators…. too many to list today.


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