DIY Windmills

2014 - 06.16



more later, maybe some info on wind funnels and kites6a00e0099229e888330120a5cbc4ac970b-320wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a61fd13a970c-500wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a621bba3970c-700wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a6207b3e970c-800wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a62080b0970c-200wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a6216217970c-700wi. basically wind is still cheepest dollar per watt. ( solar is making ground though  seen it going for 28 cents per watt)

windpowerworkshop by hugh piggot is a great starting place the guy pioneered the diy scene.


valuable resources

freenode or efnet #electronics irc chat or  #otherpower

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