Magnets & Auroas

Auroa’s / Magnets

I don’t claim to know much about the invisible forces of nature but one thing I know about are magnets and that they can provide relief from alot of aches and pains that are associated with snapping and poping of the joints / head area. the

New Quit Stop Smoking Ear Magnet Cigarettes Magnetic ear Acupressure Zero Smoke these help with tininitus (ringing of the ears) and headaches too.

neodymium magnets  large wedge shaped magnets clip onto the hair nicely for headache relief not sure why or how but it does help me.




i’ve tried things like quartz , salt, copper and rf interferance / auditable tones to get rid of tininitus and ear / head aches/skull cramps. best thing so far has been marijuana (not so much the CBD aspect either).