420 Memorabilia

Links for Smoking accesories and tips / tricks

get one of those lady lighters with the metal endstop for a bowl poker link soon


Details about  Medical Stainless Steel Disinfection Cylinder Tray Brucelles Tattoo Makeup Tools

13 dollars for the whole set




https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Shisha-Hookah-Water-Tobacco-Smoking-Pipe-Bong-Double-Filter-Cigarette-Holder  2 dollar bong

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Transparent-Glass-Vase-Bottle-Hookah-Shisha-Smoking-Filter-Pipe-Bong-Set/362092940267   30 dollar bong not sure if i like mine though, seems a bit too tall and for some reason i dont like 2 perks eats up too much smoke. what i did was use a broken stem and just bubble it through the top bubbler.

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/4-Unbreakable-Silicone-DownStem-Bong-Stem-14mm-Female-to-18mm-Male-FREE-2-3-DAY/132478554913  a bit overpriced, i cant tell from the title if you get 2 or 3 free or was that yesterday.


silicone oil dab containers, aparently you have to watch out for shiny greasy silicone. the oil stays on fingers and gets into your thc, has a high of its own just by smell / touch (not good). i had to was my hands off with chlorine water(from a hottub) to get all the grease away, soapy warm water would not do but maybe boiling water would.


i found one good thing to do is put tape on the bottom if you dont have other drugs around, otherwise be sure to set it on a cloth after using. even the little scratches on the bottom can make it weak.

vaporizers are a personal preference so i’ll leave that topic be.

when looking for a solution to better bong water i had accidently came across the finding that if you put half tablespoon of  in 2 cups of hot water let cool and use that for bong water it does something to the smoke.after 2 bong rips the high was really intense felt almost like the sugar was doing things in the brain. would not recommend doing it unless you had very little weed and wanted to be high all day. also there was a mild hangover or sugar withdrawl the next morning.