$ and sense

Financial Advice


Account must have a positive balance at least once every 30 days. with scotiabank it needs 2 business days aswell.



sub contracting, taxes , book keeping etc…




investing at 7 or 15 percent interest yearly make your money work for you. be it through starting a business or getting it from financial investments.

good planning,research and coordination make for achieving financial stability.



-have been playing with mining. thought the payback was not as expected its pretty nice. bought some rosewill 1000 watt psu’s and 4 sp20 bitcoin miners for 110 cad shipped, generating alot of maza, digibyte, joulecoin, tigercoin,tittycoin and about 0.01 btc every week. used www.ispace.co.uk and slushpool servers.  each unit is 1.4 th/s and uses about 25 dollars at 5c per kw/h per month. also have 2×20 mh/s second zeus miners that dont seem to be worth the litecoin generated.