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Reading list for 06-19-14

2014 - 06.19

BBC – Harley-Davidson tests electric bike

BBC – US ‘ready to strike’ Iraq insurgents

CBC | Canada News – Alberta flooding continues after heavy rainfall overnight

Biology News Net – Researchers use human stem cells to create light-sensitive retina in a dish

Biology News Net – Super bananas — world first human trial

Hacker News – Cratejoy (YC S13) is hiring a lead platform engineer to help scale in Austin, TX

Hacker News – Show HN: Bitcoin Payroll. Dead simple BTC/USD payroll

pipeline map lol

2014 - 06.16


Epoc Emotiv Adventures.

2014 - 06.16

might try to get a writeup done soon, basically i got asfar as seeing sensor data in a python window.


i hear its integrated into  or has a fork of its own in openvibe now.

New Online Store

2014 - 06.07

check out the new online Shop in another month but is ready for signup and functional.